The company’s strategy develops in four (4) basic axes and targets the fulfillment of its vision, that is to say, the contribution to sustainable development through specialised, innovative energy solutions.

1. Scientific approach

Exploiting the personnel of high scientific competence, KRITON ENERGY targets the diversification of the provided services. Approaching each and every project in a holistic way and taking into consideration all the available scientific knowledge, the company targets the optimization of the provided services and the increase of its clientele.

2. Cutting-edge equipment

KRITON ENERGY exploits the cutting-edge technology equipment in order to increase and extend the providing services. The investment in latest technology equipment constitutes a strategic priority for the company, which contributes to the reliability, the quality and the documentation of the provided services.

3. Research and Innovation

KRITON ENERGY sets as a strategic axe, the participation in research and innovation programs in order to satisfy the future needs of its clientele. For that purpose it collaborates with Universities and Research Centers of Greece and Europe.

4. Social Responsibility

KRITON ENERGY supports the local and global social initiatives that comply with the strategic targets, the values and the vision of the company