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Energy renovation

The building sector is one of the largest consumers of energy both in Greece and in Europe with a rate exceeding 35% of final energy consumption. Energy consumption for heating and cooling makes up about 75% of energy consumption in buildings. At KRITON Energy, we have the know-how, scientific training and experience for the study and construction of energy renovation projects for building facilities, whether they concern residential or professional premises or buildings of other uses.

KRITON Energy's staff consists of experienced qualified Mechanical Engineers, while the network of external partners contributes to the holistic approach of each energy renovation project. The energy renovation concerns the implementation of measures and interventions to save energy in the building and industrial sector. We deal with each project separately and proceed with the preparation of studies before any implementation of interventions, documenting and quantifying the benefits of the proposed interventions to save energy and operating costs. We model each building installation with modern 3D tools (BIM), providing detailed information for the correct implementation of the proposed interventions in order to ensure the desired results.

“Exoikonomo” public grants

Implementation of governmental funding programs “Exoikonomo” from the application to the construction

Heat pumps

Energy renovation of heating systems through procurement and installation of air to water or water to water heat pumps


Implementation of smart digital solutions for energy savings

Energy audit and consulting

Control of energy consumption, provision of consulting services, energy (dynamic) operation simulation