Renewable Energy Sources

Renewable Energy Sources (RES) are not mineral renewable energy sources, namely wind, solar and geothermal, wave, tidal and hydroelectric energy, the energy from biogas and biomass, as stated in 2001/77/EC.

KRITON ENERGY undertakes with responsibility the licensing, the study, the supervision, the installation and operation and maintenance of Renewable Energy Sources projects. Having particular experience on developing special and innovative RES projects, KRITON ENERGY offers turn-key solutions for RES technologies in residential, commercial and industrial sector. Offering cutting-edge equipment undertakes with consistency the operation and maintenance of photovoltaics and other RES power plants.


KRITON ENERGY undertakes:

* Techno-economic and feasibility studies

* Licensing of RES projects

* Installation of RES projects

* Operation and maintenance of RES projects

* Innovative products and technology applications of RES


KRITON ENERGY supports the above services for these RES:

* Photovoltaic Systems

* Geotheraml Systems

* Solar Thermal Systems

* Small Wind Turbines

* Small Hydroelectric Power Plants

* Combined Heat and Power Systems

* Biogas and Biomass Systems