Operation and Maintenance of Photovoltaic Systems

Why maintenance?

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In KRITON ENERGY, we recognize the urgent need for maintenance of photovoltaic systemes in order to immunize smooth operation and maximum energy efficiency that will secure the viability of your investment. KRITON ENERGY presents ten (10) reason that someone should immediately proceed to a maintenance contract for his/hers photovoltaic system, regardless if it is residential or field systems, small or large.

1. Uninterrupted operation and increased energy efficiency through immediate diagnose and repair of any damage or malfunction.

2. Deceleration of weathering/aging of PV equipment.

3. Reduction of the possibility for accidents (e.g. electrocution due to discontinuity)

4. Ensure the validity of equipment factory warranties

5. Ensure compensation from the insurance company in case of compensation claim for insured events (e.g. thief, natural disasters)

6. The long-term benefit from the maintenance of the PV system is greater that the cost of the maintenance

7. Reduction to minimum of the engagement time for the owner/investor

8. Approximately 95% of the damages that a PV system has are caused due to complete absence of maintenance or due to insufficient maintenance.

9. According to the Greek LAW (article 5, FEK 470), for safety reasons all electrical installations should follow maintenance procedure

10. Avoid revenue loss

Why maintenance with KRITON ENERGY;

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Maintenance of photovoltaic systems either rooftop or field, requires the use of specific equipment as stated by the European Standards EN 50160 and EN 62446. KRITON ENERGY is the only company in the region of Thrace and one of the few in Greece that has certified equipment for testing PV systems and therefore is capable of offering high level of maintenance services for its clients.

SOLARTEST 300N by HT and the thermal camera E60 by FLIR consist the main equipment for solar PV testing. The equipment of KRITON ENERGY also includes SOLAR I-V, MPP300 and PV Check by ΗΤ.

Packages of PV maintenance by KRITON ENERGY







Maintenance packages of photovoltaic stations

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Residential PV



PV parks


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 PV rooftop industries   


Photovoltaics - net-metering

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You can heavily reduce the cost of electricity with net-metering photovoltaic systems. Get rid of the RES taxes in electricity bills and take advantage of cheap electrical energy production with low installation cost.

Net-metering constitutes the new energy policy of the Greek Government to promote small scale RES in order to achieve the ultimate target of 20-20-20 against the Climate Change.

Net-metering is now in force with the ministerial decisions (hyperlink το pdf) and regards residential applications as well as other applications which have increased electricity consumption. The installation of net-metering PV systems includes significant advantages such as:

*Reduction of electricity cost

*Protection against fluctuations in electricity cost

*The combination with heat pump results in increased techno-economic efficiency of the investment (residential applications).

Autonomous Photovoltaic Systems

In order to avoid the increased electricity cost by the PPC or in cases that the connection with the Grid is either infeasible or uneconomical, KRITON ENERGY suggests the installation of autonomous PV systems or the installation of hybrid autonomous systems with PV and Wind turbine.

The autonomous packages by KRITON ENERGY are our proposal for each case. With low investment cost and the best available technology, the proposed autonomous systems secures uninterrupted energy production for your cottage, your farm, your drilling or your house.

Autonomous Packages


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