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Renewable Energy Sources

In the effort to transition to a zero-carbon economy, Renewable Energy Sources are going to have a leading role. At KRITON Energy we believe in the need to promote RES with the aim of maximum penetration both in the production of electricity and in the production of thermal energy. Having acquired significant experience, we provide integrated design, licensing and construction services (turn key solutions) for RES installations.

Photovoltaics are currently the most widespread RES technology and are applied in investment photovoltaic parks on fields or roofs for the production of electricity and in energy or virtual energy compensation systems for the self-production of electricity. At KRITON Energy we undertake the construction of all kinds of photovoltaic systems for private individuals, farmers or professionals, providing technical solutions that meet the requirements of each project. We study the techno-economic performance of each project separately, informing the customer about the benefits/profits during the operation of the PV system, while we have the possibility of providing maintenance services through the modern, specialized measuring equipment we have.

At KRITON Energy we perceive the possibility of optimal utilization of Renewable Energy Sources as a challenge. We have invested in the acquisition of knowledge for the study and construction of RES systems such as the utilization of thermal solar energy and geothermal energy. We offer design and construction services for solar thermal systems for heating, air conditioning and electricity production. We offer design and construction services for geothermal energy utilization systems, whether they concern shallow geothermal (geothermal heat pumps) or low-enthalpy geothermal. With the aim of the continuous development of our activities, at KRITON Energy we are constantly looking for new technical solutions for the utilization of all RES such as biogas, biomass, small wind turbines, small hydroelectric projects, cogeneration of electricity and heat (CHP).

Photovoltaic roof systems

Energy compensation (net metering), Systems with storage (zero feed-in), Autonomous systems

Photovoltaic parks

Study, licensing, construction and maintenance of photovoltaic parks

Other RES technologies

Utilization of geothermal energy, specific pplications of RES systems